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Fantasy Game

Football Performance Analysis For Fans

When the football performance analysis services started in 80s, it was targeting the technical team of professional clubs. It added value to the coaching process and made it easier for the coach to save his time working on his players instead of spending more time watching games to conclude insights about his  or opponent team. It became…

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Engage with Football Fans on Their Smartphones

Fans are smarter than ever before, resulting in an increased appetite from sports fans for information. Push messaging has become an integral proponent of the mobile application strategy, playing a huge role as sport embraces the digital age. That said, there is a fine line between engagement and annoyance for users. Consumer Engagement Sports fans…

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Football Fantasy Games & Fans Engagement

Sports publishers and top brands are always looking for strong and useful connection with football fans. One of the most powerful tools to achieve this objective is the Football Fantasy and Prediction Games. In such games the users are assembling their imaginary team form a certain league or country (depending on the rules of the…

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Five Steps to a Perfect live Score Section

Dealing with football matches data is very challenging. You need to deal with a lot of details and updates happening during a football match while keeping them usable and easy for your user. This challenge you will always face while you are designing your live score section especially when you are doing multiple leagues or championships. So…

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five Things to perfect

Five Mistakes you have to Avoid in your Live Score Section

Live score section in you sports portal is becoming more like a basic feature you need to have. It is very important product to have as a publisher to keep you existing users and to acquire new users during big football events. However it is very crucial product that can turn your loyal users into…

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How to Engage with Your Football Fans

As a sport or football publishers it is coming more challenging to keep you users engaged and entertained due to the flood of data available online though social media and other publishers. Five elements you need to keep in your portal to ensure engagement and avoid you user disappointment. Matches Schedule Keep the schedule of…

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new fan expereince

New Football Fan Experience

The “Fan Experience” has become a worldwide phenomenon that drives enticement among sports lovers. Over the years, the concept of “Fan Experience” has evolved to include broadcast analytics, social media announcements, real-time web updates, among various multimedia channels. Live sports data has become more appealing to sports publishers: websites, newspaper and TV channels; engaging with…

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Do you need

Do You Need Live Score in Your Sports Portal?

The live score content is becoming a demand for all sports and non-sports portal in the region. Most of the publishers identified the need of live score content in their portal to meet their football fans demand of being updated with football matches results and schedule all the time.   Do you think it is…

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