Five Mistakes you have to Avoid in your Live Score Section

five Things to perfect

Live score section in you sports portal is becoming more like a basic feature you need to have. It is very important product to have as a publisher to keep you existing users and to acquire new users during big football events. However it is very crucial product that can turn your loyal users into detractors. While designing or developing your live score section you need to make sure avoiding the biggest reason for football fans disappointment.

Not updated matches

Don’t let your users down by having matches scheduled but they are not updated. The user is expecting that you are having the match covered if it is listed. If the match will not be updated live, make it clear for the user that the match is not updated.

Too Much Information

Most of the users for the live scores are looking for basic information about the match, like the result, the status of the match or the goal scorers. Don’t provide too much information to the users that will be annoying. If you have much information, which is important for a segment of users, don’t display it with the basic information. You will need to layer your live score section according to the level of data. The user will get the basic information from the first layer then he will dig to more layers if he wants to

Basic Information is not there

Basic information about the match is the most important ones. League, Time , result, status and the venue of the match are the basic information. You need to make them accurate, updated and clear. User will not go further even if you have more data and you invested time and effort to avail them if the basic data are not there.

Irrelevant Leagues

Make sure you have the leagues sorted well for you users. Irrelevant league displayed for the user will distract him and may stop him from continuing browsing you live score section. Make sure that the relevant leagues or championships are displayed first.

Not Interactive

Share and retweet is becoming more basic feature for the users and it can help you to acquire new users. Make sure those features are available in you live score section and always think about other features to make it more interactive.

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    August 1, 2015 at 1:40 am · Reply

    Great Article 😉

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