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Sports publishers and top brands are always looking for strong and useful connection with football fans. One of the most powerful tools to achieve this objective is the Football Fantasy and Prediction Games. In such games the users are assembling their imaginary team form a certain league or country (depending on the rules of the game) and they score points based on the real life performance of their selected players in the case of the Fantasy Game. For prediction game users are collecting points based on their prediction of the actual game results of their favourite leagues. In both cases the concept of both games is aiming at creating strong and useful engagement with the Football Fans; putting them in the expert’s seat choosing the ideal team or predicting the results of the game. A lot of games are considered to be case study for football fans engagement and other didn’t achieve the objective. It is not about the game concept but about for main factors you need to take care of for a successful engagging game.

High Quality Real Time Data Feed

To build a strong game you will need highly reliable data feeds reflected real time in you game to avoid disappointed of the users by wrong game result or wrong player in a team squad. A data feeds of poor quality will be reflected in  wrong the points added or deducted from your users which will highly impact the credibility of your game. Real time update of your games data  is an important factor to engage with your users during their highest emotional moments during the game.

Notification System

Dont expect all the users to sign in on time every time to make modifications on their teams. Keep the user engaged with strong and smart notification system before, during and after the game through the users’ preferred channel. Keep them updated with thier points and recommend changes so they can take the right decision on time. Notifications sent to the user should be based on two things his preferred channel that he will choose upon signing up and his progress or status of the game. For example he will not be interested  in receiving a notification for injured player he never selected in his imaginary team.

Empower the User to Take the Right Decision

Nothing is more engagement for the user than collecting more points. Regardless what your rules of the game dictate, collecting more points means predicting the right result of real life game or choosing an outstanding player. So,  “more points” means right decision taken by the user on time, which needs data available on time before or during the game. Make sure you are availing the real league statistical data in your game accessible to the user and enrich your notification system with tactical or statistical insights to empower your user to take right decisions on time

Game Rules

Create your own game rules according to your users and fans insights to make your game as much competitive as you can. Rules can be different from market to market from country to another but they are all aiming at making the game engaging and competitive. Make your own pointing system and make it simple and appealing to your users. Simplicity of the  is the key.

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