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When the football performance analysis services started in 80s, it was targeting the technical team of professional clubs. It added value to the coaching process and made it easier for the coach to save his time working on his players instead of spending more time watching games to conclude insights about his  or opponent team. It became more popular among the professional clubs to use such services to the extent of  analysis team dedicated to performance analysis. More than that professional club may have more than one company providing him with the service.
With the evolution go the media channels and the empowerment of the football fans with a lot of tactical knowledge about the game, the media channels became another client for performance analysis companies not only to make use of the data by their professional analysts in their pre and post game studio, but for their fans as well to interact and understand the game their own way.
It is not a service for professional technical staff only anymore, football fans are new customer for such solutions and services. It became a differentiator to increase the satisfaction of the user pre, during or post game. It is a factor that impacts fans decision of his preferred media channel (TV or Online) to follow his game.

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