How to Engage with Your Football Fans


As a sport or football publishers it is coming more challenging to keep you users engaged and entertained due to the flood of data available online though social media and other publishers. Five elements you need to keep in your portal to ensure engagement and avoid you user disappointment.

Matches Schedule

Keep the schedule of the upcoming matches updated and accurate. You user will be always browsing this part to know his favorite team remaining or upcoming matches to compare with rivals team. Unavailability of such data in usable and easy way would push you user to search other sources to find out this information.

Matches Result and Live Updates

Todays football fan is not only watching the game on TV he is browsing the Internet for more data about the game he is watching. Meeting his need with accurate live updates and result is something he is expecting always from you.

Mobile App

With the increasing mobile traffic nowadays you need to have your mobile app as tool for your users to access you anytime on the go in alignment with the new football fan experience.


You can use this tool as a summary tool for the games and big football events. You users will use it an easy way to access data and information about football big event. This tool will increase your users confidence in the more basic data you already have live scores or reports.

Games & Competition

Availing competitions and games wither though you social media channels or directly through you portal is very strong tool for engagement. If you use the prediction game, it will be so powerful to engage you users with your live score section.

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